TASMARC is an initiative started in 2004 by John Hunter, Chris Sharples, Richard Coleman and Werner Hennecke of the University of Tasmania.  They were concerned about a lack of historical information about the Tasmanian shoreline and the way it is responding to storm events and sea-level rise. They identified a need for accurate measurements of shoreline positions and beach profiles with the data collected being securely archived for the future.

TASMARC relies on the work of volunteers who measure the profile of beaches from fixed survey marks using basic survey equipment (dumpy level, staff measuring tape).  The measurements are usually made every 2 or 3 months depending on the availability of the volunteers.

The resultant data is stored in a database which can be accessed via the "Database" link on this web page.  It includes the measurements recorded by the volunteers, profile plots and photographs.  It will provide information about seasonal and long term changes in the shape and position of beaches.  It will also provide information which can be used to verify beach measurements made by other methods.

Measurements were commenced in 2005 when 16 sites (ie beaches) were established.  It has since been expanded to 30 sites with 20 of them being measured on a regular basis.

For further information about TASMARC contact:

Nick Bowden